Why choose Vision Integrated Partners? Whether you are looking for a partnership opportunity or a way to seamlessly transition your practice to prepare for retirement, the advantages of partnering with VIP are clear.

Partnership Opportunities


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Partnership Benefits

Economic Benefits

Capital for Growth

Alleviate Burdens of Solo Ownership

The Partnership Process

 Vision Integrated Partners offers a unique opportunity for ophthalmologists to monetize the value of their business while continuing to serve their patients. Typically, our process takes between 2-4 months from NDA to final agreements.


Overall good fit?

First and foremost, we want to make sure that the partnership we are about to undertake is a good fit for both sides. We work tirelessly to attract and retain the right businesses so, we carefully assess your practice or ambulatory surgery center based on the following categories:


Confidential Process

Both parties will sign a non- disclosure agreement (NDA) allowing us to assess your private company and financial information. We also use a secure online portal to enable you to upload and share your information seamlessly.


Preliminary Practice Review

In addition to meetings and conversations, our team will review your information to accurately value your practice or ambulatory surgery center. Our team will spend as much time as needed answering your questions and educating you on our approach to the business.


Letter of Intent (LOI)

Once we have reviewed your initial information sets and you are con moving to next steps, we will send you a Letter of Intent. The LOI is a non-binding document that will describe the proposed terms of the transaction.


Confirmatory Due Diligence

The due diligence is an in-depth version of Step 3. During this portion of the process, we will conduct legal, accounting, and other types of evaluations of your practice or ambulatory surgery center to ensure we are aligned.


Definitive Agreements

Once the Confirmatory Due Diligence is completed and both parties agree with the negotiated terms of the transaction, we can proceed to closing the deal. Following completion and signature of necessary paperwork, the deal is completed, and you and your team are a part of the Vision Integrated Partners family!

Jim Wachtman

Chief EXECUTIVE Officer

  • Joined Vision Integrated Partners in 2019.
  • 25 years in Ophthalmology to include CEO of TLC and President of Laser Vision Centers/Sightpath Medical
  • 39 years in healthcare services, technology and private equity
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